DDI Plan

After lock down, a new edition of Piano Nazionale Scuola Digitale is called Piano Didattica Digitale Integrata now. Actually, it’s more like a check-list, while PNSD was something like a “what we should do for them”. PNSD was a list of good intentions by government and the school could join some announcements for the money to do. By DDI the schools write what they really can do with devices and cloud.
What will it make the difference? The difference will be in WHO is writing that. the more teachers involved in developing the plan, the more likely it is that the plan will be realized.

What happens tomorrow?

“Analogamente, rivendicare l’importanza di utilizzare nella didattica e nell’apprendimento anche le tecnologie digitali non vuol dire affatto che queste tecnologie siano tutte uguali ed egualmente buone, che una piattaforma valga l’altra, che non ci siano rischi di monopolio, di uso improprio dei dati, di distorsioni o manipolazioni. Le piattaforme e gli strumenti della didattica on-line non sono tutti uguali. Le scelte che scuole e insegnanti sono chiamati a fare sono culturali, non solo tecnologiche; o meglio, sono culturali anche nel loro aspetto tecnologico, perché le tecnologie sono parte della cultura. Non riguardano solo gli strumenti ma anche i contenuti, le metodologie, le pratiche didattiche e di apprendimento. Se si fanno scelte sbagliate, il risultato può essere disastroso”

Passi da: Gino Roncaglia. “Cosa succede a settembre?”.

Again about teaching by distance

Again about teaching by distance

We all are living in systems that are CLOSED and OPEN at the same time, and sometimes we call them “closed” and sometimes we call “open”, in according by our behaviors, our points of view, our favorite teaching techniques and so on.

So it may happen that the student ON LINE or the teacher ON LINE by their IPAD are closer and performant than they are used to be, “close” in the classroom! Strange, isn’t it?

CLOSE and OPEN, presence and distance, to be (close) or not to be… we must consider “relative”, seriously.

What’s the distance?

What’s the distance?

it is the most pronounced word in relation to school.

if we think of the pre-pandemic school, however, the teachers have always said we need also a “distant school” (eg homework) and as well the innovators have often proposed an absolutely “remote” formula, such as the flipped classroom .

And this is essentially due to the fact that the concept of “presence” is completely relative, from the learning point of view.

We have often admitted that we practice teaching through technological devices, (also) because inside the physical presence of a student there’s a mental distance; it’s that gap many of us have precisely tried to fill with technology.

And it’s the reason I think it is useful today to re-problematize the concept of distance.

Nuovo ruolo per il lab di tecnologia

Everybody knows that ITC lab is one of last dinosaurs, since “pure ITC” skills “abdicated” to WYSIWYG interfaces and more friendly approaches. Interactive boards or monitor brought ITC in the classrooms; and faster telematic, learning apps and mobile devices convinced teachers to use ITC in daily mood.

But… you know exactly what happened. Just a little percentual of teachers do really that and without evident outcomes. The most serious thing is that it’s an individual adventure.

Maybe labs have to come back. But we must think of lab as a big challenging project (on a big subject area? reading and writing and publishing? math and science? art? social? on a big learning project?) and provide some labs to invite classes to go in, with a project in their mind and right TOOLS to explore and live a different learning way!

What do you think?

Is away-teaching real “teaching”?

Some reflections about didactics at distance? Are we sure learning-brain behaves on the same way if learns in a 100% TIC situation? Do pupils really learn through a screen all day long? How? How can we plan our lesson  by an “away teaching”-size??

Some good reflections in webinars by https://www.fem.digital/

Some practical ideas here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vZ-Rk5E7Hv9Ow7PQl95IhdRmIIfwQWbzaGVo9aoV1do