Innovation and evaluation

Innovation has been talked about for a long time in schools. Very inappropriate.

Before and after Covid we all experienced the exhausting season in which to win a tender it was necessary to draw up an “innovative” project. Almost always, this implied an unusual use of technology, leading teachers and schools to comply with the various mantras of the moment, infrastructural mantras (1:1, the school without a backpack, the “widespread” classroom, the immersive classroom…) , methodological mantras (the Flipped Classroom, PBL, LAB TEAL…), application mantras (AR, coding, AI,…).

Someone proposed starting from evaluation: if we want to renew teaching and improve the living conditions of our students at school, we must question evaluation methods.

I say that we need something more and deeper.

But the idea of starting from the evaluation allows us to provoke the school on a prescriptive, institutional aspect, an action that it is forced to do: rethink the evaluation, within the regulatory framework (which it must be said: does not help), could help to undermine some now dysfunctional dynamics.

We can discuss about that at the next time.